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IRS Director admits Income Tax is Voluntary. 2:23

Former IRS Special Agent & Congressman Ron Paul says you are not required to file. 6:46

Hall of Fame Attorney Tommy Cryer shows Income Tax is a FRAUD! 3:38

Senator Harry Reid says Income Tax is voluntary and is not forcible payment. 4:30

IRS Commissioner dodges Income Tax question. No Law! 4:28  


Letter of concern about Leisure World Retirement Community

This person appears to have been wrongfully evicted and his property taken by Leisure World. The county and state governments appear to be protecting Leisure World, not the victim. This letter, by his attorneys, explains it.

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Appellant Court Rules Against the IRS and in Favor of Free Enterprise Society member!

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5 Attorneys and a Former Criminal Investigation Agent for the IRS show that the average person is not liable for the Income Tax!  Fantastic!

Innocence Revealed DVD Released

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Is the Income Tax Voluntary?

Is There a Law That Requires an Individual to File an Income Tax Return? We Canít Find One!

What Powers of Taxation the US Government does have.

What the Privacy Act is and what is has to do with a requirement to file and pay.

What The  Supreme Court has to say about filing of Income Tax Returns.

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Do We Need to Replace the Income Tax?

The following articles and information contain discussions or opinions of certain controversial topics. These are not given or intended as legal advice but only as the opinion of the author/s for information only. For legal advice contact a competent attorney.

IRS Special Agent Report 

This report concludes that there is no law which requires anyone to file income tax returns. Find out More!

The IRS is Mostly Bluff

While many believe the IRS is all powerful, we now know they rely on bluff most of the time.  Those that have stood up to them have found their bark to be worse than their bite.

First National C-SPAN Appearance

Top Constitutional and tax experts for the first time appeared on national television saying the income tax is a fraud and no one is required to file. Find out why.

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Short & Informative YouTube Videos by Steve Hempfling

Are Anchor Babies US Citizens? 4:46

Is the Income Tax Voluntary? 4:29

The 17th Amendment Must GO! 5:57

What is Being Free? 6:23

Income Tax and the US Constitution 8:41

Does Tax Code require an Income Tax? 9:11

The Progressive Little Ren Hen 4:44