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Description DATE Topics
Sheriff Richard Mack 1-20-2021 Where is America after this? What now?
Jay 12-23-2020 Unconstitutional Lockdowns, Massive election and voter fraud. Attacks on Christians!
Sheriff Richard Mack 12-2-2020 There is election fraud on a massive scale. Even the recounts have not let GOP observers have a meaningful role. What could this mean? People need to confidence in the election process.
Attorney Nathan MacPherson 11-11-2020 Election drama! The significance of the allegations surrounding vote fraud.  Update on some lawsuits against unconstitutional covid19 lockdowns.
Tom DeWeese 11-4-2020 This week we will talk about the plan to remove property rights from Americans. How covid19 is being used as cover while they pass more legislation in secrecy. How do they plan to do that? Who is behind it?
Attorney Don MacPherson 7-29-2020 How is elected servants closing business and barking other orders at you FREEDOM?  Why are so many in mile long lines to be tested?  Black Lives Matter -- does it really care about black lives? 
Sheriff Richard Mack 7-8-2020 Corruption of elected representatives.  The US Constitution CANNOT be set aside for covid19 or any so called emergency. 
Attorney Nathan MacPherson 6-24-2020 How much power do governors have?  Can emergency powers set aside the US Constitution?  He has filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Governor for Constitutional violations!
Washington State Rep. Matt Shea 6-17-2020 Elected representatives and the US Constitution.
Jay 5-27-2020 Courts are ruling against the lock downs in several states. California is on thin ice.
Sheriff Richard Mack 4-1-2020 Safety, Liberty and COVID-19. Individual Rights vs. Elected Officials Power.
Ralph Fuchini 3-11-2020 The Corona Virus. Can we trust the World Health Organization or others?
Tom DeWeese 1-8-2020 The plan to remove your property rights.
Sheriff Richard Mack 11-27-2019 The Democrats and most media's blind hatred of President Trump seems to be deranged.  Non-existent Russia collusion and now Impeachment which, is failing.
Attorney Bill McPike 8-14-2019 Indian Reservation Rights
Former Special Agent Joe Banister 7-10-2019 How did Joe learn the truth about the income tax and a new edition of his book.
Steve Fjerstad 6-5-2019 There are more healing methods than the medical establishment will tell you about.
Paul Ballard 5-15-2019 Problems at Leisure World Seal Beach
Jay 4-17-2019 American Property Rights Under Attack
Sheriff Richard Mack 3-27-2019 Mueller report, New Freedom Alliance
Jay 2-13-2019 Progressives want to destroy the USA
Tom Deweese, APC 1-30-2019 Property Rights under attack
Attorney Mac MacPherson 10-31-1018 IRS Summons, Final Notice before Levy
Attorney Nathan MacPherson 10-3-2018 Anti-American Internal Revenue Service
Devvy Kidd 9-12-2018 How to make things right in the future. More effective ways to educate others. We can prevail!