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First National C-SPAN Appearance!

By Devvy Kidd

The We the People Foundation in Albany, NY held a symposium July 1st & 2nd, 1999 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. This event was billed as an "IRS Showdown." The purpose of this event was to invite any federal government official to answer valid, legal questions of national importance, because as we all know, this situation with the FED/IRS plundering the American people simply canít go on. It is morally and legally criminal what is being done to the good, decent people of this country.

Charles Rossotti, Commissioner of the IRS, Trent Lott, Dennis Hastert and William Jefferson Clinton were all sent, via certified mail, invitations to either attend or send their best legal representatives to square off with Bill Benson, author of The Law That Never Was, Joseph Banister, former IRS CID Treasury Agent, Bill Conklin, author of Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns and What You Can Do About It, Larry Becraft, constitutional attorney and Lead General Counsel of the Wallace Institute, and yours truly, Devvy Kidd.

On June 30, 1999, a fine gentleman from Silver Springs, MD by the name of Ben, accompanied me to the capitol where we distributed polite flyers reminding Congress of the symposium and that we hoped they would come and answer the questions of the people they represent. Because there was only the two of us, we did hand deliver flyers to 2/3rds of the House and about 40 U.S. Senators; roughly 370 flyers.

One of the highlights of this excursion and blister-builder, was my encounter with Senator Joe Biden. Remember him? He wanted to be the fair-haired boy that the DNC would select to run as their presidential candidate back in í88. Unfortunately for the good senator, the media leaked that he lied and plagiarized his college thesis paper and the DNC dropped him quicker than a hot potato. Senator Joe sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. No kidding.

In any event, he came walking down the hall, flanked by adoring aides and Paparazzi. I saw a good opportunity here to ask him a question: "Senator: When are you going to retire?" Well, Joe didnít seem to like the question because he quickly replaced his smile and look of shock with one of "How dare you ask me such a question!" and kept on walking. It sure felt good, though.

Not one single government official in any capacity showed up to answer questions on these important issues at the request of the people. Not Ron Paul, no one from the IRS, zip. It would appear that the government cannot dispute the facts and evidence as presented and their silence to the people is deafening. Their silence is clearly an indictment of this massive fraud and cover-up of the truth. Congressman Jim Traficant did speak at the luncheon on Thursday, July 1, 1999 and gave the attendees a good example of how a member of Congress totally ignores the question presented and skirts off onto safer ground. I asked a question about social security and he buffed it off like water off a duckís back.

On Friday, July 2, 1999, C-SPAN filmed this portion of the symposium, live, nationwide; it was replayed that evening in itís entirety. For the first time, finally, the American people saw an energized and fabulous Bill Benson lay out step by step, with all the documents to back his position, including how the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was fraudulently ratified by Philander C. Knox back in 1913. Bill told America that he hasnít filed an income tax return in 14 years, he will never do so, and yes, the IRS knows just where to find him.

Bill also touched on his research that the 17th Amendment was never ratified and this has tremendous implications regarding all treaties passed since 1913 - and that includes the UN. I have this book Bill Benson put together on the non-ratification of the 17th Amendment. (Ordering information can be found on page 9 of our catalog)

America listened to Joseph Banister give his story of how his life was changed once he researched some of these "anti-tax" allegations and that come April, 2000, he will no longer file an income tax return. Bill Conklin ( told the American people all about the 5th Amendment, the courts and his successful method of what to do about this travesty. Larry Becraft gave his usual Alabama-style delivery on the Wallace Institute, the courts and how important it is for the American people to get educated.

The We the People Foundation hopes that as a result of this nationwide broadcast via C-SPAN, that the American people will deluge Congress with demands that hearings be held so that all of the panel members can bring forth the evidence and demand that Congress stop this unlawful activity.

I would ask you to please contact C-SPAN and thank them for broadcasting this event. They need to hear from you a big thanks for making it possible that for the first time, the general population out there in our Republic was finally able to hear the truth about the IRS and the 16th Amendment. This broadcast was without question a wonderful plus for this movement to rid America of the corruption and plunder being conducted by Washington, DC against America. C-SPAN can be contacted at: or 202-737-3220. Say thanks, it is important.

For more information on this event including photos and whatís next, please see Devvyís web site at 

I do hope you will tell ten people to tell ten people to read this web site, get my booklets, hand them out and letís cover America with the truth. Knowledge is power but only if itís shared.

{ED note: C-SPAN has told one of the participants that this program has more orders than any in its history. Itís very pleased about the response. This is a must have tape to show others the credibility of these issues. To order the tape: C-Span Archives - 1-877-662-7726 Order by credit card program number 126261, or money order for 39.95 plus 7.00 shipping. PO Box 66809, Indianapolis, IN 46266-6809.

You can also order a 2 video tape set from both days of the IRS Symposium, for 20.00 from the Wallace Institute, PO Box 60543, Sacramento, Ca. 95860, 916-925-3430.}