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IRS Mostly Bluff
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IRS is Mostly Bluff!

Did you hear about the former IRS special criminal investigation agent who now says the IRS has no law to enforce the income tax? He even wrote a report on his findings from his independent investigation!

Did you read the article in the SF Reporter about the "tax-rebel" group trial in San Francisco? The IRS spent 4 years, had 60 Special (that means gun-toting) Agents on the case, stacked up dozens and dozens of felony charges against the so-called Ďringleadersí, and brought out a crack prosecutor team - the Big Guns from Washington DC. With all of that, and the typical stacked jury, they still got absolutely nothing! Not one conviction.....

Beyond the waste, the real importance of the story is that: The IRS brochure is right - the income tax is voluntary. They just use fear - threats - extortion to cunningly coerce you to "volunteer". Bluff is their middle name. Now the verdict is in. Be a man - Get some backbone. Tell them to go take a hike.

As John Adams once said, "This is a revolution, dammit! Weíve got to offend somebody!"

Did you believe that there is a law which requires you to file income returns? After 20 years of looking, not one IRS agent or US Attorney can point to one section of the law that makes individuals required to file income tax returns. The system is VOLUNTARY! (See 26CFR 601.602)

Did you know the IRS uses intimidation as a tool to encourage voluntary compliance? Yes, itís well known that the IRS plans itís prosecutions to get the best media attention. Look at the celebrities being attacked.

NEWS sources say that over 30 million people are not filing returns? According to IRS spokesman and articles published in reputable magazines the number of non-filers probably exceeds 30 million. This means that 1 in 4 Americans have stopped filing.

Did you know that there are possible conflicts with the income tax and your protected constitutional rights? You have constitutionally protected rights under the 4th amendment to privacy in your papers and under the 5th amendment you have the rights not to be a witness against yourself. How does this conflict with the enforcement of the income tax today? The original mandatory income tax was struck down as unconstitutional in 1897 in the Supreme Court case of Pollack v. Trust Co 157 US 459.

It canít be voluntary you say. If you donít volunteer you go to jail. Donít you? The IRS always tries to intimidate and threaten you, and make you a "fraidy-cat", but honestly now..... Nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to fill out a 1040 Financial Confession Sheet. Nobody forces you to keep participating in such an unfair tax system. Nobody herds you into line to be sheared. You do it to yourself - every April Foolís Day, April 15th, and the joke is on you.

"If you want a Different, a Fairer, a Less Expensive, a Less Dictatorial, a Less Diabolical, a Less Intrusive government, or even a Better tax system - If you want change for the better, then you must stop voluntarily paying into and supporting the one you have now." - John Galt

How can I help get rid of the IRS?

First: You must educate yourself. Start with one or more of the fine books and seminars in The Freedom Library. Learn the tactics of the serpent.

Second: Help educate others. This can be done by sharing some of the materials and newsletters with others.

Third: Join and support the organizations that are on the front lines, in the face of these government agencies trying to make change for the better. Financial support is crucial to winning this battle. Membership Information.

Learn your Rights; Keep your Rights; And keep your Money.

Letís overwhelm them with resistance.