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Constructive Notice
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These lockdowns have been one constitutional violation after another. This notice puts your elected servants on notice that you know your rights. I believe if there is a large number of these notices going to Elected Servants they will become concerned about their violations of the law.  Many servants believe that they can do anything and that you cannot do anything about it.

Key Benefits of Constructive Notice

  •  Claims all of your rights.
  •  Waive none of your rights.
  •  Volunteer for nothing.
  •  Lays foundation for lawsuit against the pubic servant.
  •  Can be used anytime you feel the government may be violating your Constitutional Rights, which include the IRS.




Constructive Notice v1 in MS Word


Constructive Notice v1 in WordPerfect


Instructions for Constructive Notice in PDF


True copy in MS Word


True copy in WordPerfect